Missouri Driver Improvement Course (DIP)

Missouri Online Driver Improvement Program Made Easy for You

A traffic ticket in Missouri state can be painful, but it can be worse when you have to sit inside an old traditional classroom for 8 hours long just to illuminate the points from your traffic ticket. With our Missouri Driver Improvement Program (DIP), you can erase points from your driving record and avoid the extra charges from your auto insurance, all done online from the comfort of your own computer at home.

100%  Missouri Online Driver Improvement Course (DIP)

Missouri Driver Improvement Course

Online Traffic Education is 100% online Missouri Driver Improvement Course, and available 24/7,  so you don't have to attend an old fashion traditional classroom with old desks and equipment. Having access to the online course at any time is a big advantage to fulfill your court requirements, so why worry when you have everything under you fingertips.

The Missouri driver improvement course made so easy, it can fit anyone schedule. – Online Traffic Education gives you the freedom to choose when and where you want to study.

Quality Course Approved by the State of Missouri

Our Missouri driver improvement program is fully Licensed by the Missouri Safety Center and meets all requirements to get points erased from your driving record. The course consists of 8 short chapters, easy-to-understand chapters that each focus on subjects such as:

    Brea City Traffic School

Each chapter ends with an easy, 5 question multiple-choice quiz, and once you reach the end of the course, you’ll take a 25 question final exam. Score 80% or better on the quizzes and exams to pass, and don’t worry about failing – you will have unlimited course attempts. The Course is super easy, we guarantee you to pass. 

Missouri Online (DIP) 

Online Traffic Education Missouri driver improvement course is made simple to understand. To battle boredom, we’ve consulted with driver’s education professionals and learning theory experts to craft a course that’s as fun as it is educational.

No more old traditional classroom teaching. Instead, our easy understanding online course utilizes graphics and engaging animations to minimize boredom and maximize long-term knowledge retention.

Car Insurance Rates

All insurance companies will lower drivers’ insurance rates if they take the Missouri driver improvement course. It’s an easy way to save money - simply by taking our Missouri online course from home, you can save money! You should contact your insurance provider and check if you qualify.

Instant Certificate Delivery

We won’t keep you waiting once you finish our online Missouri driver improvement course – you can download your certificate of completion instantly. That way you don't have to loose an more time and you will be to print your certificate instantly. We offer free shipping via the United States Postal Service, but if you need your completion certificate sooner, we have many other expedited shipping options as well.


         Missouri Driver Improvement Course

Missouri Driver Improvement Course Customer Support Available 24/7

If you face any issue for your online Missouri driver improvement course, or have any questions or concerns, we’re just a phone call or e-mail away. Online Traffic Education has

a dedicated, professionally-trained customer support team that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any of your questions and concerns. Whether your questions are for our online Missouri driver improvement course (DIP), the point reduction process, or even about general Missouri traffic law, our team of certified experts will be able to help you out in anytime of the day.