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SUMMARY: Tennessee Defensive Driving Courses

There are many reasons that a Tennessee driver may want to undertake a defensive driving course. It includes: preventing the suspension of a driver's license, meeting the requirements stipulated by the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS) or dismissing a traffic ticket. 

This course also helps Tennessee drivers to take advantage of the eye-opening instructions and tips to become a better driver. Learning new skills will go a long way to helping you avoid traffic violations and the likelihood of causing auto accidents. This overview outlines the different Tennessee defensive driving courses, the requirements for taking such a course and the type of course curriculum provided in the course. 

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Tennessee Defensive Driving Options


TennesseeTraffic SchoolAs earlier mentioned, taking the Tennessee defensive driving course is necessary under the following circumstances:

Primarily, three enforcement agencies can determine your eligibility for taking a defensive driving course. They are the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS), your vehicle insurance company or the state court. 

Required Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving

Tennessee Driver's License Suspension

As part of the driver's improvement program, the Tennessee Department of Safety operates an extensive demerit point system. Whenever you commit a traffic violation, the offense is included in your driving record and points are assigned. Based on this point system, you will be required to complete a driver improvement traffic school when:

When you commit a traffic violation, the Tennessee DOS will notify you of the pending driver's license suspension. However, you can request a hearing to assess the situations leading up to the suspension. Before the scheduled hearing date, you will have time to take the driver's defensive driving course. Doing so will up your chances of having the driver's license suspension dismissed or the suspension period reduced. 

Failing to request this hearing can result in your driver's license being suspended for 6 to 12 months. You can evaluate the status of your driving record by visiting our page on Driving Records in Tennessee.

Tennessee Traffic School

If you've received a traffic ticket, your judge may allow you to dismiss the ticket and avoid accumulating driving record points by completing a defensive driving/traffic school course.

Generally, you can only dismiss a certain number of tickets within a given time frame. Youreligibility will be determined by the court on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, courts typically only allow minor traffic violations to be dismissed with a defensive driving course.

For more information, please contact your court.

Tennessee Ticket Dismissal

Another situation that may necessitate a Tennessee driver to attend a defensive driving course involves being issued with traffic tickets. By attending this course, you will avoid accumulating points on your driving record. Nonetheless, there is a limit to the number of tickets that you can dismiss in a given time-frame. The court examines each driver's case to determine eligibility for the course. Additionally, the court only allows dismissal of traffic violations that are considered minor. 

Car Insurance Discounts

You should take a defensive driving course even when you have a perfect driving record to have your car insurance rates lowered. Car insurance firms award drivers, who attend this course, with the safe driver insurance discount. Often the defensive driving discounts are granted to teens and older drivers, although drivers of all ages are eligible. For more details, you should get in touch with your car insurance provider.

Traffic School Providers in TN

Tennessee Traffic School Providers 

The defensive driving course can be completed online or by attending classroom sessions. Specific Tennessee DOS-approved institutions offer this course. You should go to the Tennessee Department of Safety website to determine if a particular institution has been approved to provide this course. You can also get in touch with the Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Tennessee Defensive Driving Course Details

The Tennessee defensive driving course covers the following areas:

·        Useful hacks on defensive driving

·        How to develop safe driving traits and behaviors

·        Tennessee traffic regulations

·        Alcohol safety and education

·        How to treat other road users

The length and requirements of this course differ from one person to another. Typically, these aspects will depend on the individual reasons for enrollment of the course. Once you have covered all the required topics, you will be given a final test. After passing this examination, your school provider will award you a completion certificate. Depending on your reason for enrollment, the institution may also give you complete details to the court or the TN department of safety. For more information concerning this course, contact the Tennessee DMV, your traffic court or car insurance firm.

If you have further questions about your options and requirements for taking defensive driving, please contact:

Online Traffic School Course in Tennessee

If you’ve ever received a Tennessee traffic ticket, you’ve got more than enough to deal with. Why waste an entire afternoon confined to a stuffy classroom, listening to a boring traffic school instructor? With I Drive Safely’s Tennessee online traffic school course, you can save yourself time and money. Make that Tennessee traffic ticket a thing of the past. Avoid points on your license and higher insurance rates while still going about your daily life.

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Take Your Traffic School Course Online

Taking the Defensive Driving Course Online

Being issued with a Tennessee traffic ticket can be overwhelming. The last thing you would want is to spend an entire afternoon listening to a boring lecture about Tennessee traffic rules. Thankfully, you can save time by enrolling for the Online Traffic Education Tennessee online traffic school course. This will prevent you from accumulating points on your driver's record while still carrying on with your life routine. 

This entire course is taught through online means. You will have full control of your classes; hence, you can have the sessions may anytime and from any location. What's more, you can monitor your own progress. Typically, you can spend one afternoon learning the whole course or break it up into segments, which you can learn in a week. 

The online program is also equipped with auto-save features; which means that you can log out numerous times and still continue from where you left once you log in. Our course gives you the chance to embark on your driving activity with an excellent driving record.

The OnlineTrafficEducation.com Tennessee online traffic school course has been approved by the Tennessee Department of Safety. Our institution partnered with qualified driving tutors and adult-education experts to create a fun, opportune and an all-inclusive course. Besides getting your traffic ticket dismissed, you will gain plenty of driving knowledge by covering the following topics:

Each area is covered in one chapter, to make the learning curve easier. The course comprises of 8 chapters, which take a total of four hours to learn. You are expected to complete and pass a 10-question quiz upon completing each chapter. To proceed to the next section, you should score at least 80% in this quiz. Once you finish the final chapter, you will be presented with a 25-question test. Attain the pass mark of 80% to mark the completion of your online traffic school course. However, in case you fail the final exam, you will have unlimited chances to redo it. If you complete this course voluntarily, your insurance firm will offer you a discount on your car insurance. 

Tennessee Traffic SchoolTennessee Traffic SchoolTennessee Traffic School


Getting the Traffic School Certificate

When you have completed the online traffic school course, your completion certificate will be delivered to your premises in no time. If you manage to finish the course successfully by 3:00 p.m. central time, you will receive the certificate on that same day free of charge. In case you need your completion certificate earlier, we can also make a special arrangement for this.

Tennessee Traffic School

Get Your Traffic School Certificate - Fast, Easy, & Free

Tennessee Traffic SchoolGetting the Traffic School Certificate

When you have completed the online traffic school course, your completion certificate will be delivered to your premises in no time. If you manage to finish the course successfully by 3:00 p.m. central time, you will receive the certificate on that same day free of charge. In case you need your completion certificate earlier, we can also make a special arrangement for this.

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