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Wireless Communication Device Driving Safety Program

Wireless Communication Driving Safety Program

100% Online Driving Safety Program

  • Open book testing
  • FLHSMV & Courthouse Accepted
  • Start & Stop the Course Any Time
  • Instant Completion Results
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98% of reviews are 4 stars or higher

Wireless Communication Device Driving Safety Program

Distracted driving is a serious and dangerous issue. To combat this epidemic of distracted driving, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the Florida Department of Transportation have partnered with law enforcement providers to educate Floridians on the new distracted driving laws with the Put It Down: Focus on Driving campaign. This new effort, called the Wireless Communications While Driving Law section 316.305 of Florida Statutes, took effect on July 1, 2019. The new law mandates drivers to put their phonesdown and focus on driving.

Don’t worry, you can hide the points from your Florida traffic ticket by completing our online basic driver improvement course. After successfully completing the course you will save your cherished money with lower auto insurance premiums every month.

  • Licensed by the Florida FHSMV
  • Learn on your own schedule, study whenever and wherever you like
  • Is the easy way to keep your auto insurance costs down
  • We GUARANTE YOU WILL PASS - Take the final exam as many times as you need until you pass.
  • BDI 4-hour online course is designed for drivers who have received a traffic ticket in Florida.
  • Designed by industry professionals to give you an unmatched traffic safety education
  • We send your course completion information to the State of Florida for you.

What is the Wireless Communications While Driving Law?

The new law is found in Section 316.305 of the Florida Statutes and states that law enforcement may stop motor vehicles and issue citations to drivers that are texting and driving. Drivers may not operate a motor vehicle while manually typing or entering multiple letters, numbers or symbols into a wireless communications device to text, email or instant message.

Section 316.306 of Florida Statutes is the other part of the new laws. Keeping our children and roadside workers safe is the goal of Section 316.306. Section 316.306 is a prohibition on using wireless communications devices in a handheld manner in school and work zones. Under this section, a person may not operate a motor vehicle while using a wireless communications device in a handheld manner in a designated school crossing, school zone or active work zone area. An active work zone means that construction personnel are present or are operating equipment on the road or immediately adjacent to the work zone area.

Text-Based & Video Course

Our text-based courses are easy and simple. The material contains a large variety of safe driving information in easy-to-finish sections. Our courses are an affordable way to finish your traffic school for point masking. Online courses also give you the freedom to read and learn whenever you want from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Fully Licensed by the Florida FHSMV

There are some traffic school options on the Internet that are not licensed, don’t use one of them! Only courses licensed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles will be accepted to remove points from your driving record. Online Traffic Educations Florida traffic school courses are fully licensed by the FHSMV and meets all state requirements.

A Florida Wireless Communications Device Program Created With You In Mind 

When you take a course from, you have the ultimate freedom to study whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to drive to a classroom and be forced into a schedule that isn’t flexible. Our online courses are available for you 24/7.

You can break up the course into smaller sessions and finish it over a couple weekends, or you can finish the whole course in a single day. Our Florida Basic Driver Improvement online course gives you the choice to decide when, how, and where you take your traffic school. All of our courses have an automatic save feature that records your progress so you won't lose your space when you log off. The internet makes it easy to remove the points from your driving record with online traffic school.

FL Driving Safety Program Made Simple

Each of our online traffic violator courses was created by professional driving instructors and adult education experts. We strive to give you the most comprehensive and comprehensible online traffic school out there. The topics we cover are:

  • Florida Traffic Law
  • More Information on Distracted Driving
  • Taking your eyes off the road
  • DTaking your hands off the wheel
  • Thinking about anything other than driving

When you complete our course, you will have all the knowledge necessary to be a safe and responsible driver.

Save on Your Florida Car Insurance

The Florida basic driver improvement Traffic School course is approved by the State of Florida. After completing the course, you can receive a point reduction. In some cases, this course may be court ordered by a Florida Judge. Our course might also be required for traffic infractions related to Red Light conviction or passing of a stopped School Bus.!

Get Your Traffic School Certificate

You can mail, or hand deliver your certificate to the Clerk of Court's office in the County where the ticket/citation was issued. Be sure to provide a copy of your completion certificate by your due date. Keep the student copy for your own records. website.

Customer Support 7 days a week!

If you have any questions about the course or registration, help is never more than a phone call or email away. If you ever have questions, give us a call or chat with us on our website.

How to Take Traffic School in Florida

If you’re looking to remove the points from your Florida traffic violation or ways to lower your insurance rates, your search is over. Lucky for you, we’ve created this useful guide for just for you.

We will explain the whole process, from receiving your citation to having your completion reported to the FLHSMV. We’ll also explain how to remove points from your public record! Also, if you’re looking to get an insurance discount by taking an online traffic course, we’ve got you covered.

How to Mask Your Violation and Reduce Your Points

How to Reduce Your Insurance Rates

How to Mask Your Violation and Reduce Your Points

    1. Before you register for our course, make sure you are eligible.

      You may be eligible if:

      • You have a valid drivers license
      • Your violation is not alcohol-related
      • You can only take the course once a year, and currently, up to 5 times every 10 years.

      For people with a commercial driver's license, the violation must have occurred outside of your work shift and in a non-commercial vehicle.

      Once you find out your eligibility, you must pay your violation and the court traffic school administration fee. After you have paid, enroll in a state-licensed California traffic school course. Make sure you finish the course by the court date listed on your citation. If you cannot complete the course on time, you should notify the court before the due date in order to get an extension.

    2. Enroll in and complete your course.

      Make sure you have the following documents ready when you register:

      • Your traffic citation
      • You government-issued identification

      Our course is DMV-licensed and meets the requirements for reducing points. Our course is the state-required 8 hours, which you may work through at whatever pace is comfortable for you. You may even finish faster than 8-hours.

    3. Your certificate of completion is reported to the DMV, by us!

      When you finish the easy online course, we will report your completion information directly to the FLHSMV. To pass the course you just need 80% correct on the easy 40 question final. Courts will generally give you at least 30 days to complete the course. When you finish the course, the points from your infraction will not show on your driving record.

    4. Your driving record.

      Now that you have received credit for your Florida Basic Driver Improvement course, the points do not show up on your public driving record.

How to Reduce Your Insurance Rates

    1. Contact your insurance agency.

      You can also take this course as a volunteer to receive an insurance discount. Contact your insurance company for more details and to see if you qualify. p>

    2. Sign up for and Complete your Florida Insurance Discount Course.

      Please have the following documents ready when you register:

      • Your traffic citation if court ordered
      • Your government-issued identification (driver License)

      Complete the super easy Text-Based course which is FLHSMV-licensed and meets the requirements for an insurance discount. Once you finish the course you can print your certificate of completion directly from our website.

    3. Send the Proof of Completion to your insurance company.

      After you finish the course, you can immediately print your certificate and take it to your insurance agent. Many agents can process your rate reduction on the spot.

    4. Enjoy your new traffic knowledge – and your lowered insurance rates!

Frequently Asked Questions for Online  Driving Safety Program in FLorida

General Info

General Info

  1. How many times can you take the driver improvement course in Florida?

You can take the basic driver improvement course once a year. This year is calculated from the date of your traffic violation and not by calendar year. You can also take the course no more than 5 times in your whole life, so drive safe!(Florida Statutes, 318.14(9)). .

  1. How many times can I attend traffic school in Florida?

You can take Florida traffic school once every year, but no more than 5 total times in your whole life. :

  1. How much is traffic school in Florida?

The Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course is only $26.50. When you complete the Florida traffic school course, it is the driver’s responsibility to take the completion certificate to the clerk’s office in the county where the citation was issued. Please consult with the traffic division in the clerk’s office in the county where the citation was issued for their exact requirements.

  1. What is a BDI class?

BDI stand for Basic Driver Improvement. After completing the course online, you will receive no points or reduced points on your Florida Drivers' Record. The BDI 4-hour course is designed for drivers who receive a citation in Florida. :

  1. How many points does traffic school remove in Florida?

According to the Florida DMV, Points are assessed for moving violations where an adjudication of guilt is found, which can cause the loss or restriction of driving privileges. If, as a result of a moving violation, a driver elects to attend and complete a BDI course, he/she will receive the following benefits: Points may not be added to the driver license record and adjudication of guilt is withheld.

  1. How long do I have to complete traffic school in Florida?

According to Florida law, drivers must elect to take traffic school within 30 days (section 318.14 (4), Florida Statutes) from the citation date. Before taking the course, drivers must inform the clerk of court in the county where the citation was issued. You have between 60 and 90 days from the date of the citation to complete the course and present proof of completion to the clerk of court in the county where the citation was issued.

  1. Can you do traffic school on your phone?

Due to the internet and smart phones, it has never been easier to take online traffic school. Our Florida FLHSMV- licensed on-line traffic school course gives you a fast, easy, and convenient way to complete traffic school. Once you have completed a course licensed by the Florida FLHSMV, we will take over the process and send your completion certificate the courthouse and FLHSMV for no additional free. It has never been easier to handle traffic tickets, citations, violations, and insurance premiums.